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Frank-Jan van der Velden

Head – Business Affairs Kuros Biosciences B.V., Netherlands

We have been in partnership with RAF Solutions USA since our introduction to the US market. Developing sales in a new market is hard enough without having to worry about the Regulatory, Logistics, and Customer Service aspects at the same time. RAF was able to work with us on our needs and put solutions in place that have provided us with the tools in those areas that are second to none. They have been integral to our growth and success in the U.S. market.

Forbes Butterfield

Director Synertech Ltd UK

The team at RAF Solutions USA have been fantastic for us. They have provided advice on initial importing, customs clearance and tariff recommendations, as well as helping to ensure the goods that we ship from the UK clear customs in the US. When we have had an issue, the RAF team have responded quickly and helped us sort the problem. This included repacking and relabelling product that was damaged in transit by the courier, allowing us to continue to stock and sell without having to ship back to the UK. From a logistics point of view I know that customer orders will be processed quickly and sent out accurately. As we scale up in the U.S., I am confident that RAF solutions will continue to help us achieve our goals. They always go above and beyond and nothing is too much trouble.

Brenden Harper

Wicklow Enterprises U.S. Sales Manager

As a direct result of engaging RAF Solutions USA, we have been able to seamlessly support our increase in sales each year since entering the US market. RAF continues to proactively expand their solutions and service offerings – at all times providing their incredible support and incredibly competitive rates. RAF Solutions USA has definitely been an integral part of our success and we look forward to continued work with them.


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