Importing and Logistical Services

U.S. Customs Clearance and Brokerage Services

Many common importing mistakes can have disastrous consequences including financial penalties, cargo hold / seizure, and even a ban on future shipments. Working with an experienced and reliable Forwarder and U.S. Licensed Customs Broker will help you avoid these costly mistakes. 

RAF Solutions USA has established partnerships with several world-class international Forwarders and Brokers based in the U.S., EU, and Asia.  We can plan and coordinate all this for you.  Our relationship with these companies will also translate into reduced transportation costs for you.

Storage and Distribution with RAF Solutions USA

Shipping into the U.S. in large shipments costs significantly less than shipping your products individually.  Additionally, by having it here in the U.S. your service time and expedited shipping costs to your customer is significantly improved.  Options of shipping the same or next day to your customers can generally not be offered economically outside the US and this translates into improved customer satisfaction.

Improved costs, improved service levels, increased customer satisfaction, and increased market share.  Isn’t that what you want in your business?


  • Fully secured Warehouse (temperature controlled) with 24 hours monitored alarm
  • Storage – Goods In / Goods Out / Quarantine / Special Storage Conditions (if required)
  • Full managed Warehouse, including shipping direct to customers
  • QSR Compliance Documentation and batch traceability
  • Stock Management Process, including inventory control / FIFO
  • Pest Control Measures in place

Order Fulfilment

Your customers expect fast and affordable (often included) shipping.  We work with you to provide your customer this service from our warehouse.  Direct order placement from your Sales Representative, from your customers, or other planned means are possible with RAF Solutions USA. 

This includes shipping and tracking services:

  • Transportation management with carriers (FedEx, DHL, UPS, or common carrier)
  • Same day shipping for orders received by 2 p.m. (EST)
  • Tracking reporting available

Customer Service and Inventory Management

We can help your business grow by managing your Customer Service and Inventory Management in the U.S. -effectively, efficiently, and accurately – and thereby providing a better customer experience.  Our team has years of experience at all levels to help balance speed and responsiveness with costs and exposure to risks associated with the manufacturing supply chain.

  • Customer phone center (dedicated line if required)
  • Customer contact for:
    – Queries including requests for literature, clinical papers etc
    – Correspondence (email / letters) on your letterhead
    – Customer Purchase Orders processed and dispatched
    – Customer Complaint handling and documentation
  • Reports for your business (Inventory, Sales, etc)
  • Supporting your sales team with provisions of stock / literature etc.

Product Recall Services

There continues to be an increase in the number of reported product issues and required recalls.  Risks to Manufacturer, the Customer, and the Patient have increased accordingly.  When a product recall impacts a business, most companies do not have the internal resources to address this properly or the knowledge to navigate the regulatory complexities for compliance.   We can assist from initial notification through to collection and returns to the Distribution Center.

We provide quick and effective elimination of defective products from the supply chain by offering:

  • Notification and collection of reported products
  • Secured and controlled inventory/storage area
  • Immediate shipment of replacement products so impacts to your customers are minimized
  • Disposal and / or destruction of reported products

Our ability to provide this service provides timely responses to notifications and recalls and reduces the risk and liability to your company.


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