RAF Solutions understands the lifesaving nature of healthcare products.  Our associates have decades of experience in sales, service, distribution, and technical service and training in this industry.  This comes from our experience providing services to such leading medical companies as DAY Medical, Haemokinesis, Becton Dickinson, BioRad, Procter and Gamble, DiaSorin, Kuros BioScience, QSpine Ltd., and Audit MicroControls.

Our knowledge and experience make us uniquely qualified to represent and support Manufacturers in the field of IVDs, Medical Devices, and laboratory and clinical diagnostics.  Especially those specializing in blood banking systems in the field of immunohematology.  This qualification extends to our Distributors of our representative Manufacturers.  We provide the knowledge and support that help make them leaders in their distribution areas and help them navigate the complex, unique challenges and demands of this constantly advancing and competitive industry.

We offer specialty distribution capabilities specifically for clinical diagnostics, specializing in immunohematology. As Master Distributors we provide manufacturers the ability to customize their distribution solutions. Because of our years of experience, knowledge, and work in LATAM we can offer both Manufacturer and Distributors unparalleled service and support throughout this region.